Digital Marketing in India and its Prospects

Digital Marketing in India and its Prospects

Digital Marketing in India is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that the online market will grow up to 700 million users by 2023. Latest study shows that the online business market is going to reach to 7 billion rupees by 2023. As the most customers gained the confidence of online purchases and its feasibility there is no break for it.

There has been many factors which boosted online digital marketing. Covid pandemic has its major impact on online digital marketing in India. Due to the lockdowns people don’t have any other option but to buy or sell the stuff online. Fear of going out for shopping lead to it mostly. But this change of habit during the pandemic significantly impacted the Indian online marketing business. Though there is major profits gained by the major online businesses such as Amazon, Flip Kart etc., there have been significant middle class businesses ventured into this market.

Most of the small scale retailors who have never sold their products online started their online shops. Gained significant benefit out of the online sales of their products. But most of the profit gainers are the first movers. So its important to analyze the market changes and consumer behaviors, immediately change the strategies of selling. There is still a lot of opportunity of the small and medium scale businesses in India to venture into online digital marketing in India to maximize their profits.

Options for Digital marketing in India

There are many options to market your products or services online starting from selling through social media to creating your own online store or App. The scale of business, type of products or services which you want to sell, Location and Target market are the major considerable factors while choosing to start your online business journey. We at OBSOL give you the best possible solution for you to start your online business journey. One can do online business through, Listing their products or services in social media channels like Facebook market place, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Or one can tie up to Online product delivery partners Amazon or if yours is restaurant or food business you can have tie up with Zomato, Swiggy etc. But the commission you pay for them and profits you gain after that will be able to run or grow your business matters the most.

If you want to develop your own online store you have to calculate the investment for onboarding your business online and online marketing budget. The return on that investment will it be able to suffice your profit goals. But it all eventually depends on the strategies you follow and decisions you take with calculated risk. OBSOL will be at your service you help you get your business online successfully.

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